This is an attempt in bringing a great manga reading experience to the people who own a tablet device like an iPad (Android support will come soon). We think the tablet-sized & touch-enabled devices are a great way to rediscover the pleasure to read, especially mangas. Please, consider the work done by mangakas and buy the real mangas in the OriginalPaperFormatâ„¢ as soon as they are available in your country.

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This site was alive thanks to narutomanga, and died when narutomanga died, you can find this site source at http://github.com/makevoid/mangapad, feel free to adapt it to another manga hub like mangafox etc...


How does it works

MangaPad is formed by three parts. A Viewer, an Index and a Proxy. The Viewer is in javascript and it's the part that interfaces directly to your device thanks to html5 and other APIs to achieve animations, touch interaction, etc.

The Index knows where the actual images are (through a link). It serves the images through the proxy with a link http://mangapad.org/img/http://IMAGE_URL.


If you want to block mangapad from proxying your contents there are some simple ways.

  • drop us an email, we will add your domain(s) to the blacklist, and your content will not be proxied
  • block the ip (note: there is a [remote] possibility that doing that you will block other services connected that server)